Birthed from bass, with unprecedented energy, the CANVAS project aims to create a community of transformative experiences through sound connection. Rita Mucavele spearheads the project as musician, music producer, DJ, and creative. Trained classically, she plays on her love for diverse sounds to create uniquely lush yet gritty, driving beats. Her dedication to self-expression is infectious.Gut Music: Focusing on feeling, we create musical experiences that blur genre lines and energize minds. Each time we gather, it's to celebrate the moments where music transcended fear, annihilated pain, embraced sadness, and lifted indifference. THESE are the experiences we live for!Join us in cultivating moments that energize the mind, body, and soul for a renewing, unforgettable live journey. This is high-energy sound therapy. This is gut music.


Visions (Original)
[Deep Dark & Dangerous]

Dracarys (Original)
[After Party Records]

Feelin' For You (Original Mix)
[CloZee's Odyzey Music Label]

You Promise? (Original Mix)
[After Party Records]

Call Me Freak (Original Mix)
[After Party Records]

Dissociate (Original Mix)
[Electric Hawk Premier]

TunnelVision EP
(Tunnels/ She Cuts (Like A Chemist)/ B.D.R.)

[The Untz Premier]

Transformative Pain (Original Mix)
[Street Ritual]

Red Planet (Original Mix)
[Wormhole Music Group]

My People (Original Mix)
[After Party Records]

Wipe Me Down (CANVAS Remix)
[After Party Records]

Pause Play (CANVAS Flip)
[After Party Records]

Diamonds (Original Mix)
[After Party Records]

Stare EP
[After Party Records]

Destruction of Self
[After Party Records]

Roots (Original Mix)
[Electric Hawk Premier]

Homebound (Original Mix)
[DoYu Digital]

Foreign Transmissions EP
(Gossip/ Future-Machines/ First Contact/ Foreign Transmissions)

[MalLabel Music]

How to Grieve (Original Mix)
[After Party Records]


Electric Zoo New York (New York City, NY)
Electric Forest (Rothbury, MI)
Same Same But Different Festival (Lake Perris, CA)
Sound Haven Festival (Jamestown, TN)
The Untz Festival (Browns Valley, CA)
Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (Okeechobee, FL)
Bigfoot Electro Festival (Tracy City, TN)
Dejavoom Music Festival (Grand Oasis Cancun, MX)
Shaky Beats Music Festival (Atlanta, GA)
Yonderville Music Festival (Cascade, WV)
Sweetwater 420 Festival (Atlanta, GA)
Synchronicity Festival (Cherokee Farms, GA)
Dinah Shore Festival (Palm Springs, CA)
Moonshine Music Festival (Braselton, GA)
Atlanta Pride Festival (Atlanta, GA)

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Denver, CO)
The Caverns (Pelham, TN)
Ogden Theatre *(Denver, CO)
The Black Box (Denver, CO)
The 8X10 (Baltimore, MD)
The Eastern (Atlanta, GA)
DEF Global (Atlanta, GA)
Terminal West (Atlanta, GA)
Aisle 5 (Atlanta, GA)
The End (Nashville, TN)
State Theatre (St. Petersburg, FL)
Republic NOLA (New Orleans, LA)
Elan Nightclub (Savannah, GA)
Iris Believe Music Hall (Atlanta, GA)
Songbirds (Chattanooga, TN)
Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)
The Sound Table (Atlanta, GA)
Tongue & Groove (Atlanta, GA)
Caledonia Lounge (Athens, GA)
WildPitch Music Hall *(Atlanta, GA)

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